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Teacup pomeranian appreciation post

I used to see the sky as a ceiling. I was on the Earth, the ground, the world. The moon and sun were just passersby in this skylight window.

But seeing the blood eclipse today—my first eclipse—my perception changed. I imagined the moon there, and the sun behind us, behind the Earth.

I am science-literate. I have learned about the solar system in school and I understand how it works, how there are planets and planetoids revolving around a star, and how moons revolve around these planets. But I never realized how ignorant I was to the astronomical implications regarding the human condition. (Pun not intended.)

The idea that we are now standing between the moon and the sun is profound to me. I stood on the Parkside lawn and looked up. The sun was no longer out there, above our heads, but directionally beneath our feet. But that would be the wrong perspective. “Beneath” implies that I am the center. I am not the center. We Earthlings are not the center. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that our feet are pointing toward the center of not just the Earth, but also the sun and thus the Solar System.

The universe is magical and I am glad to be here, even if we are just “tiny specks on a planet particle”.

What a day! (Saturday, April 12)

  • saw John Green at the LA Times Festival of Books and got my copy of Looking for Alaska signed!
  • waited for 2.5 hours with Grace to get John Green’s autograph
  • realized in line that we wouldn’t have time to eat until late afternoon and we hadn’t had lunch, so we asked Gianni to buy us food; we were initially rejected but later he showed up with a fairly lavish multi-course meal :O
  • met up with one of my high school besties that I’ve known since 5th grade :DDD
    (I was too excited and didn’t know what to say.)
  • met up with @neeneegoose at her tent! (ooh, Tumblr-user tagging!)
  • ran into a bunch of other friends
  • bought several cheap books and some cute stationery from Kinokuniya :D
  • dinner at La Barca!
  • finally learned how to play Big Two (w/ the aid of a cheat sheet)
  • played a variant of 抽鬼牌, one of the only card games I remember from very early childhood
  • watched Wade eat popcorn for the first time in a decade
  • discovered that flea bites have little-to-no effect on me :D


Who’s that pokemon?


That’s a lot of latex.

I just finished Phoenix Wright: Justice for All and omg all these characters. I am feeling an emptiness that only the fandom on Tumblr can fill until I resume playing Trials and Tribulations

Also, I swear Franziska von Karma looks like someone I know but I can’t quite place my finger on who it is…






From Taiko Spectator to Performer with ShuWen Zhang



ShuWen Zhang is the Executive Director of USC Kazan Taiko. After witnessing Taiko drumming in Japan she developed an interest in it, but it wasn’t until she came to USC that she was able to go from spectator to performer.

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after hearing about it through the submission to @angryasiangirlsunited, i checked out the trailer of Lucy and am even more disgusted. and so not surprised. whiteness is getting too old.

the upcoming movie lucy will feature the age-old racist narrative of pure white woman (scarlet johansson) being violated by scary, brown men. and the new white feminist trope of women gaining their power by violently eliminating brown men. who needs the white male savior when we now have white female saviors, taking it into their own hands to save their whiteness from all that non-whiteness. so radical.

My favorite part are the white feminists who are raving about this movie because “strong independent woman yaaaas!!”


i’m just wondering why there are herbs and fruits and vegetables written in a faded, creepy red on a prison-like wall in chinese.  are herbs and fruits and vegetables in chinese supposed to be part of some sort of scare tactics?  or am i missing something here?

it keeps getting better.

awww man see I immediately fell into the trap of being excited for all the kickass lady stuff and didn’t give this much thought

This is a very valid point and hugely disappointing

I just found the summary of this thing

"The story focuses on a woman (Scarlett Johansson) who is forced to become a drug mule. But when the drug accidentally goes into her body, she is mysteriously granted superhuman powers. She absorbs knowledge instantly, can move objects with her mind and can’t feel any pain or distress–plus look hot as hell doing it."

Isn’t insensitivity to pain considered a disability? And isn’t it a serious problem for those who have that genetic condition?

Also, you’re going to love WHY she gets the superpowers. To quote The Journalist: “The pretext for this is that the drug allows her access to 28% of her brain’s capacity, as the human mind only allows access to 10%. Teaming up with a professor, played by Morgan Freeman, she examines her own abilities and looks to see what happens when 100% of her mind’s capacity is unlocked.”

The “only 10% of the brain is used” concept is a complete myth. All of the brain is used—it’s just that it isn’t used simultaneously. Also, much of the brain exists to keep the body operational. It’s not just for thinking.

So far we’ve got racism, faux feminism, scare tactics, trying to pass off a disability as a superpower, and incredibly bad science even by Hollywood standards. Great.

Valid poinrs

those are fruits and vegetable names written in blood-like paint behind her… are they code words? do they mean something? or do they just look like convenient oriental gibberish to serve as props?

I’m thinking probably just gibberish. Someone needed convenient handwritten words, so they went to Chinatown and took pictures of the fruit stands because they were the first ones they could find.

This is exactly why the trailer made me feel uncomfortable. Especially because Lucy is only able to overcome by being dominated and manipulated, and especially because they decided to use Taiwan as an evil exotic prop.

Also, the pseudoscience of the 10%-of-the-brain really bothered me too.

Sorry, but this film just disgusts me.





First of all, that first statement is an overgeneralization. Not every Chinese person is going to be skilled at math of course. It’s ignorant to go into these stereotypes. 

But try this:


Read them out loud to yourself. Now look away, and spend twenty seconds memorizing that sequence before saying them out loud again.

If you speak English, you have about a 50 percent chance of remembering that sequence perfectly If you’re Chinese, though, you’re almost certain to get it right every time. 

Why is this? 

One explanation is because the Chinese language allows them to read numbers faster. 

Chinese number words are remarkably brief. Most of them can be said in less than 1/4th of a second (for instance, 4 is ‘si’ and 7 ‘qi’)

Their English equivalents—”four,” “seven”—are longer: pronouncing them takes about 1/3 of a second. 

The English number system is also VERY illogical. 

For example, right after the word 10, instead of saying one-ten, two-ten, three-ten we have different words like 11,12. 

Not so in China, Japan and Korea. They have a logical counting system. Eleven is ten one. Twelve is ten two. Twenty-four is two ten four, and so on.

That difference means that Asian children learn to count much faster. Four year old Chinese children can count, on average, up to forty. American children, at that age, can only count to fifteen, and don’t reach forty until they’re 5 years old.

The regularity of their number systems also means that Asian children can perform basic functions—like addition—far more easily.

Ask an English seven-year-old to add thirty-seven plus twenty two, in her head, and she has to convert the words to numbers (37 + 22).

 Ask an Asian child to add three-tens-seven and two tens-two, and no translation is necessary. 



Huh. That’s really interesting!

This makes so much more sense than the racist bullshit people come up with.

I learned something today

  • Richard:

    Do you know how many composers there were at my school?

  • Gianni:

    There were what posers?

  • Richard:


  • To myself:

    Just one more class and then freedom! I wonder if Tiffany and Grace want to get shaved ice later.

  • [Runs into Tiffany outside THH.]

  • To Tiffany:

    Oh hey! I was literally just thinking of you, haha.

  • [Two hours later.]

  • To myself:

    I wonder if Fresh & Easy sells paper lunch bags.

  • [Runs into Tiffany again.]

  • To Tiffany:

    I swear I'm not stalking you...